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Football burns more fat than jogging

15 Oct
Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney should try more running and less kicking.

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A new scientific experiment shows that football is better for your health than jogging. Researchers believe that football can be used to actively fight obesity. football is not just a game of fun. The research shows that a game of football two to three times a week is profoundly health-improving. As a matter of fact, the beneficial effects are so massive that it beats jogging.

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Week 2: Results

11 Oct

Taifa Stars 0 – 0 Kaizer Chiefs

Pharoas 0 – 0 Sand Eagles

Bafana Bafana 3 – 2 Gymkhana

Mozambique Stars 1 – 1 Botswana Meat Commission FC

Mazaher Ismail fines himself over penalty-kick row

7 Oct
Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho will be banned for two matches for jabbing his finger into the eye of Barcelona's assistant coach.

Ismail angered several of his senior pros by fining rookie midfielder Hisham Ali for missing a spot-kick.

The youngster fluffed his injury time penalty during Taifa Stars’ defeat to Gymkhana.

And Ismail hit Ali with a $50 fine because Tahir Jaffer is the designated taker. understands, however, that although Ismail had told Jaffer that he was on penalty duty, he had not told any of his other players.

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Mozambique Stars and Bafana Bafana move to strengthen squads

7 Oct
Carlos Tevez

Corinthians currently have no plans to renew their interest in out-of-favour Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, according to general manager Edu.

After disappointing opening day defeats, Mozambique Stars and Bafana Bafana have jumped back into the transfer market hoping to change their fortunes on the pitch.

Imran Najarali, son of Mozmbique Stars gaffer, and Ali Karim are moving from Bafana Bafana to Mozambique Stars, with Sajjad Kanji and Hasnain Alibhai moving in the opposite direction.

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Taifa Stars fine player for penalty miss

3 Oct
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez of Liverpool misses a penalty kick against Sunderland at Anfield.

Mazahir Ismail has fined one of his Taifa Stars players $50 for missing a penalty.

But the flamboyant boss is now facing a dressing-room backlash.

Several senior stars are furious after Ismail rapped rookie Hisham Ali.

The young midfielder was penalised for taking a spot-kick in Taifa Stars’ defeat to Gymkhana — because Tahir Jaffer was the designated taker.

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Match Report: Kaizer Chiefs sink Mozambique Stars

3 Oct
Frank Lampard

Chelsea's Frank Lampard was in clinical mood against Bolton, scoring three goals in a 5-1 win at the Reebok Stadium.

In the season opener, Kaizer Chiefs and Mozambique Stars locked horns in what can only be described as one of the biggest grudge matches ever played at the Toronto City Sport Centre.

The controversy began last week as the two teams were involved in the first trade of the season, which was followed by the astonishing Champsi incident.

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Week 1: Results

3 Oct

Kazier Chiefs 1 – 0 Mozambique Stars

Botswana Meat Commission FC 1 – 1 Pharoahs

Sand Eagles 3 – 2 Bafana Bafana

Gymkhana 2 – 1 Taifa Stars