Mozambique Stars and Bafana Bafana move to strengthen squads

7 Oct
Carlos Tevez

Corinthians currently have no plans to renew their interest in out-of-favour Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez, according to general manager Edu.

After disappointing opening day defeats, Mozambique Stars and Bafana Bafana have jumped back into the transfer market hoping to change their fortunes on the pitch.

Imran Najarali, son of Mozmbique Stars gaffer, and Ali Karim are moving from Bafana Bafana to Mozambique Stars, with Sajjad Kanji and Hasnain Alibhai moving in the opposite direction.

Mozambique skipper, Max Najarali, has already made 5 changes to the squad he drafted only weeks ago was in no mood to discuss his recent forays in the transfer market stating “nobody is bigger than the club, the Mozambique people rely on us to give them a performance of which they can be proud of.

“When we lose after a bad performance, every player is on the chopping block.

“I regretted not drafting my son in the pre-season, but he’s here now and it will be a proud moment for me when he dons the Mozambique shirt.”

After the 4-man transfer was finalised, Bafana Bafana boss, Mohammed Mandan, was overheard asking “by the way, who is Ali Karim?”

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