The Mir Report: 7 Games Down

24 Jan
Kicking out: Eric Cantona received a lengthy ban for this kick on Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons exactly 20 years ago on 25th January, 1995

Kicking out: Eric Cantona received a lengthy ban for this kick on Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons exactly 20 years ago on 25th January, 1995

By Feroz Mir

Hello there ZFC Fans, players and captains as we ‘re seven games into the season I thought I would write something different this season. ZFC has been growing each year with new talent, skills and identity. I want to highlight certain players who are new to the league, the young players and the rising stars. I have picked one player from each team who not only shines but is also a game changer.


AFC Leopards – Mazahir Alidina

Mazahir has been playing football for many years. He plays the striker position however also plays in mid. He is one of the underrated players in the league and surely makes a difference. He made a return after many years back to Toronto and is getting back to enjoying himself with his family and friends. He has 4 goals this season and is trying to help his team make it to playoffs. He is connecting well with Irfan Mawji and his brother Jabir on the team and together they look to make it to the playoffs.

Bafana Bafana – Ali Abdulrasul

Ali Abdulrasul goes by the name of Soda. A young player who join the league last year. He plays very hard and focused. He plays in mid and is very committed to what needs to be done on the team. Soda is an aggressive player and will not give-up easy. With the right amount of support he can surely be the dark horse. He will need to stay determined and believe in himself to be successful.

Black Mambas FC – Ali Nabeel

Ali Nabeel new to the league this season, he is very talented and has great dribbling skills and plays with confidence. Black Mambas FC have been very supportive of having Ali on their team. He is young and exciting player to watch. He can play as a striker however he has been playing the mid role. Ali has amazing ball control skills and can finish very well. He does sometimes tend to hold the ball longer however if you got the skills why hesitate. With the coming years of football in ZFC, do watch out for Ali Nabeel as he develops to another level. Very exciting to watch!

Chipolopolo – Karim Kanaan

Karim Kanaan a player who has been a highlight this year. New to the league and been traded to Chipolopolo recently. Karim is a versatile player and can play anywhere on the field. He is physically strong and plays as a defender or center mid position. He has great ball handling skills and makes some incredible passes. He does tend to overwhelm himself at times but who doesn’t. He surely will be the strength of Chipolopolo in the playoffs. Watch him play and you will be a fan!

Gymkhana – Maytham Jivraj

Maytham Jivraj another young player playing his second season in ZFC. Maytham plays mid and striker. He is developing from last year and has potential. He has good passing skills and can play well however he will have to focus on his pace when having the ball. He has great support from the experienced players on his team.  He also has another young player Ejazali Alidina on his team. Both Ejazali and Maytham could learn from each other and be the young potential stars of Gymkhana.


Indomitable Lions – Mohammad Ali Naqi

Lions recently acquired Mohammad Ali Naqi in a trade. Mohammad new to the league looking to make friends and have fun. He plays as a winger and has great ball control. He has made it in the starting lineup for Lions and is looking to help his team move up in the standings. He is quick and definitely has potential for the rising star. He has great support from his team and is fitting well with the lions. Watchout for him if you are facing the Lions!

Kakamega Homeboyz FC – Abuzar Abbas

Abuzar Abbas one of the key players of Kakamega Homeboyz FC. At age 20 definitely fits well with the team. He makes great passes and works hard as a team player. He may not have any goals but he surely makes a difference on the field. He is aggressive and holds the ball very well. Kakamega Homeboyz FC is the team currently leading in the standings and they have a great chemistry going. The support from Taha Ali & Moimran will boost Abuzar this season for more potential. Abuzar is a player many captains would want on their team.

Mozambique Stars – Mashal Kara

Mashal Kara an experienced player returning to ZFC after a few years. He was a late addition to the league and surely got selected by one of the good teams Mozambique Stars. Mashal is solid defender who plays hard and stays focused. He will not let himself down until a brick hits him. Captain Mazahir Najarali was pleased to draft Mashal as he knew what Mashal is capable of. He does hold the backline with the help of his team members and is very receptive to what needs to be done. Mozambique Stars have strong players on the team and Mashal would only get more confident.

Polisi Dodoma – Ali Manekia

Ali Manekia the leading scorer in ZFC with 11 goals so far. Ali has been on fire this season. This is the second season with ZFC and he surely has stepped up his game. He has great support from his team and they look to have him score more goals going forward. Ali plays the mid position; he has great speed and ball control. He can definitely run through his opponents’ defense and is not predictable on the shots. Ali definitely connects very well with his Captain Muntazir Fadhel and together they score.  He is one of the underrated players this season and his value will shoot up come next year at ZFC.

Taifa Stars – Ali Amarsi

Ali Amarsi another young player playing for the first time in ZFC. Let me tell you he is only 15 years of age. Ali has been playing in mid and as a striker. He has a great captain, who he definitely motivates him and boosts his confidence. So far Ali has scored 2 goals this season; he has good speed and passing. He may not be the strongest guy on the field however you would be surprised when he plays with the big guys and doesn’t let loose. He has great potential and surely would be interesting to see in the coming years at ZFC.

If you see these players play do recognize them and give them a pat on the back. We have over 100 players in the league and to stand out is something unique. There are many other individuals who I would love to mention however I only limit myself to one per team. The other players who have also been in the spot light are;

Muntazir and Ali Fadhel brothers from Polisi Dodoma 1st season

Kumail Nanji from Black Mambas 1st season

Hussein Abbas from Kakamega Homeboyz FC 1st season

Hasan Raza from AFC Leopards in 2nd season

Hussein Walji(Captain) from Taifa Stars 2nd Season

Mohamad Habhab & Alhusein Husin from Chipolopolo

I wish the best of luck to the players above and to all the young and new players who joined ZFC this season!

Feroz Mir

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