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Week 4 Round: Handbags and Suspensions

8 Nov

A five-metre high statue of Zinedine Zidane’s famous headbutt on Marco Materazzi has been unveiled in Paris. A similar incident may or may not have occurred at the Toronto City Sports Centre on Saturday night.

ZFC Week 4 was just as incident filled as last week with plenty of goals scored and a few handbags at dawn.

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Week 3 Round-Up: Streakers and Suspensions

28 Oct

Zanzibar FC are looking into allegations of a streaker running on to the pitch during Mozambique Stars’ 3-2 victory over Gor Mahia.

ZFC week 3 was full of incident with a bag full of goals, yellow cards, dodgy refereeing and worst of all, an alleged streaker running on the pitch.

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Botswana Meat Commission protesters affect Zanzibar FC fixtures

17 Oct
Botswana Flag

The Batswana have boneless chilled vacuum packed matured beef... but where does the money end up?

By a concerned Batswana.

Much has been made of the Occupy Toronto protests that continue to take place in St. James Park when Newcastle is not playing, but the media has not given equal coverage to the much more important protests which took over East York on Saturday night.

While many of you are aware of the complaints against bankers who supposedly make 99% of the world’s money, it is less common to find people educated in the fact that 99% of the world’s prime cut steaks are stolen from the country they come from.

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Pharoahs player becomes overnight pop sensation

15 Oct
Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka's reaction after hearing YouTube hit "His name is Suheil"

Pharoahs midefielder, Suheil Dhirani, has become an overnight sensation after an obsessed fan known only as Mee dedicated what can only loosely be described as a music video to him.

The video “His name is Suheil” uploaded to YouTube earlier in the week after Dhirani’s outstanding performance in Pharoahs goalless draw against Sand Eagles has already had over 3 million views.

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Mazaher Ismail fines himself over penalty-kick row

7 Oct
Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho will be banned for two matches for jabbing his finger into the eye of Barcelona's assistant coach.

Ismail angered several of his senior pros by fining rookie midfielder Hisham Ali for missing a spot-kick.

The youngster fluffed his injury time penalty during Taifa Stars’ defeat to Gymkhana.

And Ismail hit Ali with a $50 fine because Tahir Jaffer is the designated taker. understands, however, that although Ismail had told Jaffer that he was on penalty duty, he had not told any of his other players.

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Taifa Stars fine player for penalty miss

3 Oct
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez of Liverpool misses a penalty kick against Sunderland at Anfield.

Mazahir Ismail has fined one of his Taifa Stars players $50 for missing a penalty.

But the flamboyant boss is now facing a dressing-room backlash.

Several senior stars are furious after Ismail rapped rookie Hisham Ali.

The young midfielder was penalised for taking a spot-kick in Taifa Stars’ defeat to Gymkhana — because Tahir Jaffer was the designated taker.

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Mozambique Stars goalkeeper Faraaz Fazel caught nicking a $1.19 doughnut

30 Sep
David de Gea

Sticky situation... David de Gea

Mozambique Stars goalkeeper Faraaz Fazel, thought to be the best shot stopper in the league, has been caught pinching a doughnut worth just $1.19.

The young keeper was picked up by security guards when trying to leave a Loblaws in Scarborough, after he was caught helping himself to a treat from the Krispy Kreme cabinet.

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