Kakamega Homeboyz FC sign Harambee Stars midfielder

1 Feb
Jose Mourinho: Hard to let Juan Mata leave Chelsea for Man Utd

Faraaz Fazel: Hard to let Kazim Raza leave Harambee Stars for Kakamega Homeboyz FC

Kazim Raza has completed his move from Harambee Stars to Kakamega Homeboyz FC in a record transfer deal for the Zanzibar FC league leaders.

The midfielder had a medical on Friday and has signed a long-term contract.

Kazim is likely to make his debut at against Gymkhana tonight.

“The time has come for a new challenge,” he said. “I am excited at the chance I have to be part of the next phase in the club’s history.”

He added: “Harambee is a top club and I have many friends there but you cannot turn down the chance to join Kakamega Homeboyz. I look forward to helping the manager and the team be successful in the coming years.”

Kazim will be unveiled at a news conference shortly before kick-off tonight at 10:30pm EST.

“Kazim is one of the finest playmakers in the game today and it’s a real pleasure to have secured his signature” said Kakamega boss, Taha Ali.

Kazim posted a letter on his official website thanking Harambee Stars fans for their support.

He said there had been many highlights, but added: “On the other hand, I have experienced some complicated situations from a personal point of view, mainly during the last six months.”

“Before last summer, my intention was to stay here for a long time; as long as the club wanted me to, and to keep winning trophies for Harambee Stars.”

“However, as you all know, things changed after the pre-season.”

“From feeling like an important player, I started to experience some difficult situations and I felt unable to help the team to the extent that I wanted and was used to.”

“Obviously, I fully respect the circumstances.”

Harambee Stars manager Faraaz Fazel says it was a “hard decision” to let Kazim join Zanzibar FC rivals Kakamega Homeboyz.

Fazel told zanzibarfc.com he would still have liked Kazim in his squad.

“These are decisions a manager has to make, but for me it was a hard decision. I’d love to have him in my squad, absolutely,” Fazel said.

“But to have a player in this situation is hard. He deserves that Harambee open the door for him to play regular first-team football.”

“I like people to be happy. I’m so sorry I couldn’t make him happy in this squad – I’m so sad with that, but I build my team around Shani Kara playing as my number 10.”

And Fazel says that when Kazim faces Harambee with Kakamega he is guaranteed a good reception from the Harambee supporters.

“He’s very classy. I think he’s a player that stays in the fans’ hearts and also in those of his colleagues,” added Fazel.

“I’m just with him six months and I like him a lot. Imagine the people who have been with him for three years. He stays in the club history – he won important matches and people loved him.”

“He will come here with a Kakamega Homeboyz FC shirt on one day and the people will show him that.”

Transfer News:

  •  Trade 15
    • Kazim Raza from Harambee Stars to Kakamega Homeboyz FC
    • Mateen Manek from Kakamega Homeboyz FC to Harambee Stars
  • Trade 16
    • Mohammed Raoufi from Indomitable Lions to Polisi Dodoma
    • Muhammad Manji from Polisi Dodoma to Indomitable Lions

Other News:

  • Shan Sardar (Gymkhana) has withdrawn from the league and will replaced by Sunny Nanda


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