Special Announcement: Jerseys, Sunflower Seeds & Penalties

17 Oct
Public Service Announcement

Zanzibar FC Public Service Announcement

A special announcement by the Zanzibar FC commissioner, Mehboob Alidina.


Every player who signed up for Zanzibar FC has been provided a jersey. Please wear it. Don’t wear a similar coloured jersey of your favourite Premier League, Serie A or La Liga team.

If this trend continues, the referees may be asked to stop people wearing non-Zanzibar FC jerseys from playing.

Sunflower Seeds

There has been a complaint from Toronto City Sport Centre about the mess left around the pitch after the games. Please clean up after yourselves, don’t leave empty bottles, chocolate wrappers, sunflower seeds or any other garbage around the pitch.

Penalty Kicks

After consulting with UEFA boss Michel Platini and FIFA top dog Sepp Blatter, Zanzibar FC have scrapped the one-step penalty rule that was somehow artificially imposed part way through last season.

Penalty kicks can be taken as per FIFA rules.

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